Lipase fatty hydrolase food grade enzyme preparation

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Lipase is a fatty hydrolase extracted from Aspergillus Niger by microfiltration, ultrafiltration and vacuum freeze-drying. Widely used in food processing, leather, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries.Please contact us, let us provide you with better service!

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Mechanism of action

Lipase can hydrolyze triacylglyceride to release diglycerol, glycerol, glycerol and free fatty acids. It can also catalyze esterification, transesterification and transesterification of other insoluble esters. In addition, it also showed some other enzyme activities, such as phospholipase, lysophospholipase, cholesterol esterase, acylpeptide hydrolase activities.


Soluble in water, water solution for light yellow rice soup liquid.

Product introduction

Main ingredients: lipase, glucose
Product specifications: 10 thousand - 300 thousand U/g
Product Properties: light yellow powder
Storage: sealed, away from light, stored in low temperature, the optimal storage temperature (0-4 ℃)
Shelf life: sealed at 4℃ can be stored for 24 months, 15℃ can be stored for 18 months, 12 months at room temperature.

Application field

1. Dairy processing
The flavor in dairy products is a product of the metabolism of lipoproteins and lactose in milk, so lipase is often used to enhance the flavor of cheese, cream and margarine. Cream and butter are used to make cakes, ice cream and other desserts, and the use of lipase optimizes the flavor of related foods.
2, flour improvement
Adding LIPASE TO DOUGH CAN hydrolyZE triacylglycerIDE IN flour, increase the content of monoacylglyceride, delay spoilage and prolong shelf life.
3. Low-fat foods
Lipase is also used in the production of fat-free meat and low-fat food. In the processing process, lipase is used to break down part of the fat and produce the low-fat healthy food that modern people prefer.
4. Wine fermentation
Lipase can be used to improve the aroma of alcoholic beverages. When a certain amount of lipase is added in the process of wine fermentation, the product will produce a similar aroma to cheese.

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lipase 3

Conditions of use

Effective range: Temperature: 30-50℃ PH: 7.0-8.0
Optimum range: Temperature: 35-40℃ PH: 7.0-7.5


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