Food grade flavor enzymes exonuclease protein hydrolase

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Flavor ENZYME IS A kind OF BIOLOGICAL ENZYME extracted FROM Aspergillus ORYzae BY deep fermentation culture, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and vacuum FREEze-drying technology. It can be used to remove the bitter peptide chain, the product of low degree of hydrolysis, and completely degrade it into amino acid. It can also be used to deeply hydrolyze protein to enhance and improve the flavor of hydrolysate.

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Mechanism of action

The hydrolysis of protein is firstly by using endonucleases, but some peptides containing hydrophobic amino acids (bitter peptides) will be produced in the hydrolysis process, which will affect the flavor of the hydrolysate. Exonucleotide enzymes in flavor enzymes cut peptide bonds from the ends of polypeptide chains to release amino acids and degrade bitter peptides into amino acids, so as to achieve the effect of removing bitterness and improving flavor amino acids.


The product is easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is light yellow liquid.

Product introduction

Main ingredients: flavor enzyme, glucose

Product specifications: flavor compound enzyme

Description: Khaki and light brown mixed powder

Storage mode: dry at room temperature and avoid light, optimum storage temperature (0~4℃)

Shelf life: sealed at 4℃ can be stored for 24 months, 15℃ can be stored for 18 months, 12 months at room temperature.

Application field

1. Condiment processing

Exonucleotide enzymes in flavor enzymes decompose bitter peptides in hydrolysate of animal and plant proteins to produce hydrolysate of animal protein (HAP) or hydrolysate of plant protein (HVP). The hydrolysate, amino acid and polypeptide react with reducing sugar to produce various natural aromas and tastes.

2. Protein processing

Flavor enzyme can be used with protease is tie-in, application in protein processing of the request of taste, such as polypeptide oral liquid, collagen protein, amino acid oral liquid, such as soybean polypeptide powder functional nutritious food, can not only improve flavor, also can reduce the molecular weight of the products, more than 90% effective utilization rate of protein, more conducive to absorption.

Flavor enzyme-2
Flavor enzyme-3

Conditions of use

Effective range: Temperature: 30-60℃ PH: according to the natural PH of the substrate

Optimum range: Temperature: 50℃ PH: according to the natural PH of the substrate


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