Alkaline protease food grade washing processing enzyme

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Product overview: Alkaline protease, also known as Bacillus licheniformis protease, is derived from bacillus licheniformis 2709 cultured by deep fermentation and refined by microfiltration, ultrafiltration and vacuum freeze drying. It consists of 275 and 274 amino acid residues, forming a polypeptide chain, with a molecular weight of about 27300Da.Please leave your contact information, we will provide you with better service!

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The active center of alkaline protease contains serine, so it is called serine protease. It can not only hydrolyze peptide bond, but also hydrolyze amide bond, ester bond, ester and peptide conversion function. Under PH alkaline conditions, can play a strong hydrolysis capacity, can hydrolyze protein into peptides or amino acids, widely used in detergent, food, medical, brewing, silk, leather and other industries.


The product is easily soluble in water, aqueous solution is a clear light brown liquid.

Product Introduction

Product name: alkaline protease, alkaline enzyme
Main ingredients: alkaline protease, glucose
Product specification: 100,000-1.5 million U/g
Product properties: light brown powder
Storage: dry at room temperature and avoid light
Shelf life: 12 months

Application field

1. Food industry
Alkaline protease is a kind of protein without toxicity and side effects, which belongs to serine endonucle protease. It can be used in the food industry to hydrolyze large protein peptide chain to generate small peptide or amino acid, forming protein hydrolysate with unique flavor.
2. Washing industry
Alkaline protease used in detergent enzyme industry successfully, you can add in ordinary washing powder, concentrated detergent powder and liquid detergent, laundry can be used for family, can also be used for industrial laundry, can effectively remove blood, eggs, dairy products, or protein such as meat, vegetables juice besmirch, also can be used as a medicinal reagent enzyme washing biochemical instruments, etc.
3. Biological research
In the field of biotechnology, alkaline protease can be used as a tool enzyme to remove proteins (including nucleases) in the process of nucleic acid purification, without degrading DNA and avoiding damage to DNA integrity.

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